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Originally Posted by seojesica View Post
Ok, Got It, But I want to know how to get top video ranking in youtube, please share any new tips ?
Here are my tips for Youtube:

1. Do proper keyword research ó donít go for oversaturated search terms you have no chance to rank for.

2. Create quality content that has a high average watch time and engagement rate. This improves placements in search results and the recommended feed.

- To increase watch time, besides improving general video quality, make sure the first 30 seconds of your videos capture peopleís attention (most will leave early if the first part of your video bores them; this hurts your average watch time).

- To increase engagement rate, remind people to like, comment and subscribe. The best way to do this is to mention it in the video itself, either by telling them directly or displaying a short text/popup box somewhere on the screen for a limited duration.

3. Social media promotion ó use hashtags, post in relevant groups (but don't spam), network with other creators etc.

4. If you havenít already, create a blog, embed your Youtube videos in relevant posts, and drive traffic (SEO, social and/or paid) to the blog.

5. Purchase web 2.0 backlinks and video embeds on Fiverr. Only to your Youtube videos, though ó never to your blog.

6. If want to bring serious traffic to your Youtube channel in the long-term, you need to upload consistently.

7. Remember to apply for the Youtube partner program when you reach the minimum requirements ( note that new minimum requirements were added this year).

Good luck!
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