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I joined my NM/Direct Sales business in March 2017. I joined as a consultant because I used their products for about 10 months prior to that and really love what they have.. they work.. pure and simple.. and not just because I used them, but because I had been through several other brands that simply didn't work.. When I joined, I also realized the company was different than many I had looked at previously (or had heard of). No back stabbing, team work, training, you name it.. from the top right on down and back up again.

you asked "what forced you to take action" - I had been looking for years for something I could do from home.. that I didn't have to buy something ever single month, that I didn't have to keep inventory, that I simply had to share what I used, how I used it and what a great company it is, to really make that different. and the understanding to really move forward, I would have to get others interested in the business side as well..

I had also been looking for something personally that would help me to regain my place as a "wage" earner.. be able to give my family what they needed with out question and to make sure that my children saw me as a viable hard working member of the family and not just mom who shuttles them here and there, cooks the meals, cleans the house etc.. the company I have decided to go with has started to lead me down that path.. and it feels good.
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