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Originally Posted by Jenna P View Post
Back on the original topic, it's hard to have good self esteem when you end up not getting paid for good work because the client got mad over a typo, minor mistake, or didn't send the right instructions and blamed you...

...three times in less than six hours.

If we have low self esteem it's because people treat us as if we should enjoy our work so much we don't need to be paid.
Yikes, where are you finding these clients? :O I will generally offer a revision if requested, but that's it. (I do run everything through Grammarly before submitting it to catch any typos or case disagreement that I didn't see during a read-through, so typos are not an issue.) I have had one client in the past year who had an extremely persnickety editor. Remember, I've been doing this for a decade; I don't need, want, or tolerate handholding. The editor would pick out individual words and ask that I change them to synonyms. I dealt with her for two or three pieces, then let the client know that it wasn't a good fit. No hard feelings. I still got paid. I have no idea if he found anyone else who wanted to deal with that, but that someone wasn't going to be me.
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