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"Passive" in quotes because there is actually no such thing as passive income.

Same thing goes for "Overnight Success" or magic push button opportunities. It's all hype to lure in the gullible. A good example of an overnight success is Willie Nelson. He worked 20 years as basically an unknown until he recorded one song that made him an instant super star in the country music industry.

I think it's a great idea to try to warn newbies against that junk Bigpicture. They need to be aware. Problem is, I think, that very few will actually listen to or believe your words as they're so distracted by that "pie in the sky" fluff.

You mention AWAI. I studied with them along with a number of other copywriter training sources. The information they provide had value in my opinion. But I studied it for personal use and not so I could work for others and I think the competition is pretty heavy for finding clients for those skills unless you're already a proven writer.

Actually I believe that the AWAI courses are there for AWAI itself. The training provides it with an ideal straining technique to find exceptional writers for their own employment needs.
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