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Originally Posted by beanandpumpkin View Post
Hopefully people aren't believing the "pie in the sky" ideas of freelancing being a get-rich-quick type of situation. Not everyone has the circumstances to succeed in an entrepreneurial venture. There are feasts and famines, which means people have to be able to roll with them. "Feasts" should not mean working all day and all night... it means you book out a few weeks in advance for non-urgent projects and charge extra for rush jobs.

All that being said, yes, passive income is a great additional way to get income flowing. I wouldn't say it should necessarily replace client work, but whatever works! The main takeaway is to not put all your eggs in one basket, whether it's passive income, one particular client, one particular content mills, content mills in general (Google algorithm changes can take out more than one at a time), etc. Diversify as much as you can.
This is great advice!

Decent earnings from passive income (which meant rev-share for most writers here in the past) pretty much died out with Google Panda and similar algorithm changes. I haven't read much about it here in at least five or six years.
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