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What do you mean by passive income? I've never heard of people actually making a good amount of money from the passive income I know of, but maybe you're talking about something else completely. I can say I've been writing for 10 years, and writing has paid the bills for about 8 of those years (and I have a lot of bills, sadly). I'm definitely not well off from writing, but I do make a full-time income working about 20 hours a week. I average about $30-40 an hour and can often write while my kids are home. It took probably 5 years to work up to this, so I often made $10-20 an hour and had to work 30 hours to basically still be broke...but I still consider it worth it while my kids are young. You really have to find the right mix of clients (which is sometimes a crapshoot) but I can't picture giving up at this point. Also, I don't think this issue is unique to writers. Freelance designers and probably a lot of other types of freelancers often go through the same challenges. I would still rather deal with my freelance writing problems than work in an office, at least for now. Granted, I may be persuaded if a job was paying high enough and my kids were both in school most of the day, so never say never.
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