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Question Looking for At-Home Skin Care Device That Works

Hello, Ladies

I am new to WAHM and I am seeking advice.

I am now over 40 and I am noticing the signs of aging wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. I am looking for an at-home skin care device that actually works and helps to improve the look and texture of the facial skin. Any suggestions?

If I find a device that works for me, I then want to build a business around it. I want to only promote and sell a skin care product I have used myself and can really stand behind. This will allow me to really help other women over 40 look younger and more radiant.

I am only interested in partnering with an established company. I want to sell the device through direct sales only. No MLM and no network marketing.

Research tells me there are new technologies you can use at-home such as
Electric current
Radio frequency or waves

I have seen so many unethical companies in various niches that I was hoping someone here could recommend a product that really works, and a company that truly cares about helping consumers.

I understand you can't talk about products here without it being seem as advertising, so please send me a PM If you know of any skin care devices that are effective and affordable.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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