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Originally Posted by fijiforex View Post
Hi all,

I have been a WAH for 10 years now. I am a Forex Trader and I love doing this on a daily basis. The money earned is pretty decent.

Forex Trading is buying and selling currencies in the forex market. Currencies are traded in pairs e.g EUR/USD, CAD/USD, AUD/USD and so forth. I trade the GBP/JPY pair. All I do is analyse the chart for this pair, and see if it is going up or down and then I either BUY or SELL and what ever profit i make from it is mine.

The thing about Forex Trading is like no other opportunities out there. I don't have to look for buyers or sellers or do any kind of marketing to make my money.

12 years later, I am still trading and enjoying every bit of it. This is an international opportunity that you can do from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.
This is so interesting! Do you have a website with info?