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Thumbs up fibi & clo ground floor opportunity free enrollment starts today

It's time to enroll!

Yesterday fibi & clo experienced issues with Amazon Web Services, the server on which the company runs a lot of their business. It was not working properly and signups had to be put on hold until the issue was fixed.

Well today it is officially enrollment day!! I just signed up....are you ready?

For the best enrollment experience, please sign in via desktop. The site is mobile responsive, but some of those features will only be activated when we launch to the world March 8th.

Enter your Sponsor's name and ID number in the Sponsor field. Once entered, you may not change your Sponsor. If you do not know your Sponsor's ID, you may simply enter their name and you will still be paired. I would love to have you join my team. Feel free to enter my name Meka Johnson or my ambassador number 9367144842, in the sponsor field so that we can be paired together.

If you do not have a Sponsor, no worries! fibi & clo will pair you with someone exceptional and if possible, close by.

You will also need to enter your credit card information during sign up. Don't be alarmed; we are still free to join it is just for future ordering purposes.

Once completed you will be able to see the full line of sandals that will go on sale March 8th. This is so exciting, join the tribe today! Visit or click HERE to go straight to the enrollment form to enroll for free.
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