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Originally Posted by noface0711 View Post
I've been with postmates for my third month. They are now offering bonuses for the working weekend hours I have almost doubled my weekly earnings. I would encourage anyone who wants to work at home or needs an extra second job to apply. sheryl
They've always offered bonuses for weekends. It's that they have changed it so that they are only in effect during 2pm-10pm pacific time. It use to be that the bonus weren't as much, but they went all day. Since I'm on the East Coast I only work a couple of the hours during the bonus time so my pay hasn't really changed at all. Since they continue to hire and we are severely overstaffed it's more difficult than ever to get claims.

They are also changing management again for our department so there is no guarantee of how long this bonus set up will last. I would advise anyone that works with PM to have a second source of income and not depend solely on PM. They have a solid track record of suspending people with absolutely no reason, no forewarning, nothing. Most of the last round of suspensions were of people that had been with the remote callers department since almost the beginning, had good scores, low COT & EJ rates, and never any problems. They also aren't allowing people a chance to retest to come back to the platform either.
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