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I am, well, strike that - I WAS up until a month ago.

IMHO no it is not possible to make much of a living on Oranum, well not unless you are willing to work nearly 24/7 or you have kissed the oranum god's *** and you are one of the "golden child" readers.

I have (had) been with Oranum for almost 4 years and in the beginning it was amazing. Then the mass hiring started and favoritism began to show towards those readers who kneel at the alter of O. It is sadly VERY clear the owners of Oranum are not in the business of helping people, but are in the business of lining their pockets.

Go online as a customer and you will see the poor caliber of readers that they use. It is a philosophy of just hiring "butts to fill seats".

Also, at the time I made a decision to leave Oranum, they had just implemented a new commission structure which is set up to reward the most successful readers on their site and leaves those of us who would rather not spend 24/7 online, in the dust. Their original 50/50 structure was already a joke, now it is just ridiculous. And, according to pretty reliable sources, if you dare to complain about this laughable commission structure, be prepared to be removed from their site.

Personally, I wouldn't waste my time with them if I were a new reader. There are many other successful sites who take way less commission and don't penalize you for working part-time.
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