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We have all been in your shoes at one time or another. Take it from someone who has done what you are thinking of doing- DON'T QUIT. Some people have a slow start and others come out of gate with a vengance! Don't ever compare your business to someone elses. This has always been my downfall. I finally realized it is MY business and I may not be the super star with all the ribbons and free trips but I still love my business!

What I heard you say is you love the company and you love the product- that means a lot! Just keep sharing your passion and it will happen and like one of the other posters mentioned-don't prejudge customers based on what you think they can afford. That is why there are hostess benefits! Also, if getting out of the house is difficult because of family commitments-try online and catalog parties!

I started with a company almost 2 years ago and started out pretty good-then I started to doubt myself and my products.I even joined other companies in between and ended up doing nothing with them.

But months later, women started asking me if they could have shows with my original company because they love my products! I have joined a Consultant of the Month club on facebook and am getting all kinds of new customers! I really do love my company and my product, I just needed to believe it!

I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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