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Default Feel like I chose wrong direct sales company... Help!

So just about a month ago I started in a direct sales company (which I won't be naming simply because I love it and don't want to discourage anyone from joining), which had a product I absolutely love. My husband and I figured even if it didn't work out, the starter kit was a great deal and had stuff I would use.

I have had 3 parties since starting (one is finished, one closes tomorrow, and the other closes in a few days), and I've only had 2 small sales (one of them not even associated with the parties I held- I don't even know who the person was, nor is the person friends with the people hosting parties). I've appealed to close to 300 people through the parties, and have had at least 2 dozen people seriously interested in the products. My up line has said that I've been doing all the right things (I've investing a lot of time into the parties).

I'm thinking the price range is what is scaring people away. The products themselves appeal to a smaller group of people, too, and I'm starting to wonder if I chose the wrong company to go into. I am a young mom, and most of my friends are young moms without a lot of extra money to spend on good quality "frivalties". I was originally thinking of joining a food company (because everyone needs food and appeals to a wide array of people) but I did not.

I'm starting to think about a food company again, but I'm wondering if it's too soon to make that decision. I just feel like I have the wrong products for my circle of people (and their circles of people as well), and I don't want to invest too much time or energy into a company that might not work out. Has anyone had stories like this that turned out successful? I know with this you need to build business and it doesn't explode right away, but I've had friends in other companies doing so much better at this point in time, and honestly I need to be selling more to help with my families financial needs. If I continue at this rate I won't even make the quota to remain active in the company!

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