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Originally Posted by Exotic View Post
I had to call a lead out last week too. When I said there's something different in the manual, the lead says to do it that way then. I've about had enough of them too with their unprofessionalism and the condescending communication (You better do this and that or else. We will not tolerate this and that.) as if we're out of control 5 year olds. And I agree that we are employees being called ICs.

Don't get me started on that silly csat. There are so many variables The restaurant can make a mistake even though we gave the order correctly but of course postmates is not going to blame them because they don't exist without them. Also, sometimes the courier doesn't pick up all the bags they're supposed to. The order taker in the restaurant can be new and mess up the order taking on their end too.
And crazy enough, their contradiction can lead to someone's stats being affected. How crazy is that! Its like, if you want this little ole job, you do it how we say to do it or else. There is really no structure here if you just sit and think about it. The fault of anything would fall back on the contracted agent
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