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I do agree about the hours, to be able to literally claim orders, the best time would be during their busy times, and I assume its the hours with the little symbol of lightening next to them. I've been receiving texts that state when the schedules are up, and I wasn't really able to grab them as I saw them available but the slots were open for a while. If you sign up to receive the texts, you can easily grab as many hours as you want and leave them well ahead of time. I would suggest using the website on a smart phone or some sort of tablet if you're not able to do it at a physical PC. The text comes with a link to make it easily accessible, you just have to know your log-in information.

I'm not stressing myself out about the rating system as I will greatly dispute any issue do to the fact the rating system is not built on a fair or solid foundation. Since I completed my first week and was able to figure out what the better hours would be to pick up, I prefer to try and do hours when there are claims after claims waiting to be done because otherwise than that, you're really just wasting your time and will not even make near minimum wage. I screwed myself over last night as I picked up hours from 12am-2am thinking it was in my timezone, I totally forgot it was in PST time, so when I logged in, 2 of those hours were taken in a swap but I had to work one and I DID NOT even pick up nearly 10 calls for that hour. Talk about my fault, but I did learn however. I will stick with PM as long as I see fit, well, my little rant is over, lol.
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