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Originally Posted by SweetSpirit1 View Post
Hi kara8776,

Yes. They have contracted with a few hundred additional people since I began in late March. Initially, during my scheduled shifts, there would be less than 150 signed into Slack to handle orders. Since that time, just last week there were almost 400 people signed in during my shifts. That number was not including the leads who were also signed in. Orders are now few and far between. I have been scheduling 2-3 back to back shifts during afternoon and evening peak times (usually 6 hours on my scheduled days). However, at this stage, when unclaimed orders do appear, claiming simply one has now become a battle. I was excited in the beginning and appreciate the opportunity, but I have made the decision to move on to other opportunities. I hope it works out for everyone.
I think it's normal for new companies to overhire when starting out. If not, they would be less with too few workers when people start dropping out for whatever reason. I'm sure as they stop accepting applications, things will improve. I don't have too hard of a time making around $9 an hour. Also, I'm not sure if the number of people signed into Slack is really indicative of how many people are actually making calls. I know I'm always signed in. I have the app on my phone and I get notifications often, but I usually only work 2-3 hours in the evening.
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