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Originally Posted by sheryl318 View Post
I have gone up on the schedule many times and changed it. Just hit the square that says leave and you basically can remove your self from that shift without having to swap. I think its up until 24 hrs before the shift. When you get your first paycheck it will show up the the amount of calls you took daily, your rating and your dollar pay for each day. Your CSAT is an average of the entire week. sheryl
OK, thanks for the info. I did discover that if it's less than 48 hrs actually that you have to do a swap, otherwise you can just hit the leave button. I noticed last night my sched for tomorrow Fri had swap & not leave. So, it looks like it has to be 48 hrs or more in order to cancel myself.

I did email Hayley. I will probably be able to work the shifts & just juggle some things around.
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