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Default April is the absolute best time to join. Jamberry has awesome April incentives.

We have a very generous commission structure. You earn 30% - 40% commission from your very first sale. These nail wraps basically sell themselves, because they are so beautiful and we have over 400 nail wrap designs.

When you join in April and achieve your first goal (we call it Fast Start One) by May 31, 2015, you earn an exclusive Mixed Mani sheet of nail wraps with a matching shopping tote. You also earn 300 extra trip points toward our Maui incentive trip next year. This is in addition to the 300 trip points you automatically get for achieving your Fast Start One usually, so you get DOUBLE points toward our trip.

In case you're curious about what the Fast Start One means, it's $500 in sales from the date you sign up until May 31st. Our average party is $400, so you can do it! It's also adding 1 member to your team. With this incentive in April, it's a great time to join and bring a friend along with you. You also receive additional gifts and travel points when your friend checks off her first goal, so it's a great deal for you both.

The sooner in the month you join, the more time you have to reach your goal. ��

Can't wait to hear from you!

Here's the link if you're ready to join me. It's a $99 start up cost (you'll typically earn that back with your first party) and includes over $200 worth of product and marketing materials.

Click here for more info:

Jamberry Nail Wraps

If you have questions, please feel free to send me a text at 602-740-3677. We have a very supportive team and I will personally help you every step of the way. I started out as a customer and I loved the product so much, that I decided to become a consultant. It's been a great experience and I would love to have you on my team.

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