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Congratulations, Clarissa. Some folks see it right away, some later and others not at all and that's OK. You cared enough to make the offer. Taking it to the next level is to continue doing what you've been doing because you know that works and you are developing your skill sets. At two months you should have been mastering the basic Blitz, Wrap, Repeat. If you are a product of the products, as we say, you are probably beginning to experience results in whatever you are addressing personally. People will begin to notice. Start growing your contacts through your LC's with referrals.

When a referral decides to join the business get back with the other person, thank them and let them know what's about to happen. You can also ask them, especially if they were on the fence... "I just wanted to ask you, since I have one other position open... Do you want to start your own business now and have me place them under you to help you get started or should I leave her/him under me?" If they hesitate let them know that you don't want to rush them but the company only gives you so many hours to finalize placement.

So many people are secretly thinking, Sounds good but I'll wait and see what they do first. It's a coy way to show them without insulting them or making them feel harangued or pressured. (Just make sure you have the order or enrollment locked before using that approach.)

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I am on my second month with It Works and am loving the business. I just wish I could get through my potentials' heads that they will change their life with this business. They will be healthier and happier! I do have some LC's but need more, especially this month so I can promote to the next level. Thanks for making this thread. I hope I can learn from other people here on how to take my business to the next level!
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