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Cool Join Fantastic Group of Younique Women working at home online w/ Instant Commissions

I have been with Younique for only 4 months. 4 months! I have had 4 promotions in that time. What a fantastic group of women! Younique is so different from every other direct selling company because your success is our success. My team is fast rising and looking to take on some new members.

I can show you screenshots of this, and I can help you do this too!

Iím serious, my cell# 518.578.1301. Text me and I will send you screen shots of my daily sales if you want. One of my members has rank advanced within one week of receiving her presenter kit.

Younique is only 2 years old. It started out so very small. In November of 2012 they had 62,000$ in sales revenue. Less than 2 years later, November 2014 they had 15.1 million in sales revenue. I donít know about you, but I think thatís a revenue train worth jumping on.
Seriously, if you think about it, how long has Avon been around? What if you had gotten in on the ground floor of Avon? Or Mary Kay? Younique is the HOTTEST commodity out there for 3D Fiber Lashes! They sell over 15,000 tubes of mascara PER DAY! And they keep adding on more products. The best part? You can do it 100% ONLINE. You doní t have to have home parties if you donít want to. (You can if you do) The only requirements are is being positive and being a team player.

Want more info? PM me, text me, or visit my page:
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