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Default Welcome

Hi there.. congrats and welcome to the world of Scentsy. I tried many home base businesses, Avon, Regal, Tupperware, Mary Kay and I can go on LOL but I never LOVED those products, and I didn't like how pushy the companies were, well it felt that way. Than I joined Scentsy under my sister in law. They are so helpful, the products are amazing and I honestly believe in their products. When I'm talking "Scentsy" to someone, I always make sure to hit the things that are most important to me... ie: they are 100% against animal cruelty, their Scentsy Bars are a food grade paraffin wax, making them %100 safe, like if they are ingested by a child or pet, really it's ok because they are a food grade so it won't hurt them. No soot, no smoke, No burn... these things are very important to me. So find the things about Scentsy that mean a lot to you, that are most important, and use them as your own tools for getting sales, parties etc. I can go on all day LOL I'm still looking to sign reps up in my area, hoping to grow my team and together grown and inspire with Scentsy. Best of luck to you, you will love it, and the support for consultants is amazing
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