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Lightbulb Hello Out There! Finally Speaking up. :)

Hello everyone out there! I am brand new, newborn baby new! I just joined about 15 mins ago. lol My name is Tikiesha and I live and work in Los Angeles, Ca. I am married(13 years in Feb) and have 2 adorable, academically gifted little girls. My youngest is now about to be 5 years old and my oldest just turned 13. I recently went back to school and managed a degree in chemical science. As I approach my 38th birthday, I feel I have been just running the wheel.

The happiest and most fulfilling time was the time I spent teaching and nurturing my girls. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the arts and crafts. I even worked at one point as a science instructor for elementary children. By far the best job I EVER had. I loved it, but my car didn't. I was roving and Los Angeles county is VERY BIG!

So here is my idea. It's an idea only and it's not unique but it feels like I have been waiting for this opportunity. I would like to start a subscription service for children about 3-7 years old. The boxes would include about 5 items that promote academic enrichment to prepare them for elementary and have a lot of fun in the meantime. Most of the activities and crafts will make memorable moments for parent and child as well as a few keepsakes. Each box will be themed( colors, shapes, letter, animals, body awareness, transportation, safety, and more) Do you think this could work? I want to give it a shot but I have NO idea where to start.

I have been reading the forums but I seemed to be a little overwhelmed. I have also been looking into internet marketing. I have always been a pretty decent writer. Won a few scholarships in my time.(wink, wink) I have been working on editing some project using PLR and am wondering is there really any success with this? All you see on youtube is how easy it is to get a website, put up some content, build a landing page, redirect them to your sales page and sell your info product. of course you have to advertise and fivver seems to be the way. But could it actually turn a profit?

I admire the women here. I have been a reader of this forum for years but just got brave enough to join and speak out today. The women here are smart, resourceful and inspiring. I don't want a handout or someone to take me by the hand but I am a bit lost.

I don't have a lot of capitol to start with but I don't want to spend any money on products until after I set up my site and get some exposure. I tried it once and still have stuff in my closet which I eventually gifted to my 5 year old. The problem was I didn't know how to get it moving. I think I sold 3 items in 6 months.

This time I want to get it right. So if anyone has a moment to give me some advice on how to start this type of business I would be eternally grateful.
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