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Originally Posted by lani7 View Post
Thanks for sharing Leanne. Ya I think the reason people are holding her
To a Christian standard is because as a founder she says she is a Christian. I believe when she says
Faith based I'm sure though every one is welcome; she is referring to Christianity.
Thus 31 as in Proverbs 31. There are some things that goes beyond us. Some things are just not relative based on our opinions but
Absolute based on God's standard found in scripture. One which is against abortion. Abortion kills life. Plain and simple. Also judging if something is right or wrong and saying something about it is not forcing. God calls us to judge all things based on His word. He also tells us not to judge which I think means in hypocrisy. Also we can't really judge a persons heart
All the time. I say all the time because some people I think is obvious like a murderer who tries to kill so many. The bible says you will know them by their fruits. The bible commands His children to go into the world to
Teach all that He commands. He commands obedience. We choose to obey or disobey. Thank God for His grace found in Jesus Christ alone. His blood that He shed on the cross is what saves people. Not our good works.
We repent trust surrender but we aren't saved because of our works. However, a true Christian will have a new heart to
Want to obey God. There are consequences for continued disobedience. Christians are called to love, exhort rebuke encourage etc one another in love as part of Gods plan to continue to mature those in Christ. That is just
One aspect but it is one.
But as far as joining 31 I realize everyone has their own conviction

I think if you were a consultant and you were to get to see how Cindy works, you would see that she is not supporting Abortion. The main charities that we support are Girl Talk, Ronald McDonald House. As Consultants, just this year at our Director's Luncheon we raised over $30k in an hour for Girl Talk and our Thirty One Gives Foundation has raised ALOT of money for Ronald McDonald House, etc.

So to worry over what Thirty One Gives may have had some a little money trickle down to YEARS ago, I just think that is beating a dead horse. We are a very giving company and I am proud of that. I will stand before God proud being a 31 rep, host, and Customer.

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