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Originally Posted by lani7 View Post
Being prolife, I read how 31 gives indirectly to Planned Parenthood by donating to YWCA, girls club
Etc ...
Being that it presents itself as a Christian company and markets it that way proverbs 31... I would think they would be so oppose to this.

Regardless of how it may help women in other ways the end it is still providing abortion.
Obviously we can't track where all funds go but considering they Publicly say they are a faith base company why compromise this way... To those who are pro life ,,, what are your thoughts.
Honestly this story is years and years old. Our founder has addressed these concerns many times over and I just am not even going to rehash this.

We do not give funds to promote abortion. We are in support of WOMEN and wherever they are in their lives. I honestly have never understood why people choose to attack our company and hold us to whatever THEIR standard is for Christian beliefs. There are many different beliefs among Christians as to what is right and wrong so to hold a whole company to whatever standard you (as in each person, not you particularly) decide is right or wrong is unfair.

Our company is Faith based-not Christian based. We have many consultants who are not Christian. We have unbelievers and we have Jewish people (who do not believe in Christ) and ALL are welcome in our company. Yes, many of our consultants are Christian. I am one of them. But one of our Christian directives is not to judge others (lest you be judged) and to love everyone as Christ loved them. We are supposed to LOVE and not decide who is doing right or wrong. Golden Rule "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Christ never forced His ways on others as well. Christ actually called the Pharisees (the ones who tried to enforce to rules over being nice and loving people) broods of vipers. He chose to eat with Tax Collectors (considered the most vile because they collected taxes for Caesar) and prostitutes over eating with the Pharisees.

So whenever I hear anyone trying to judge my company over their support of charities (whether they be the Girls Scouts or Girl Talk, Ronald McDonald House, etc.) it points out to me that someone is trying to force THEIR sense of right and wrong on others in the name of Christ is which HE never did. My feeling is that we are supposed to help others. We are supposed to LOVE others. Our Founder is just a wonderful and loving person. Certainly not perfect but she tries, and she prays for the right thing. I feel our company is blessed by God. I believe that is why we have grown to be one of top DS companies in the WORLD in less than 15 years-which is remarkable. I do not believe that we would have God's Blessing if we were doing something He was against.

So if someone doesn't want to buy 31 or be a consultant with 31 because we support multiple charities, I don't care. Don't buy it. That is THEIR choice. God has always given us FREE WILL. He didn't try to sway us or bully us or boycott us. He basically said You choose.

I do not believe in Abortion. I believe in Love and I believe that people should worry about what they are doing in their own lives and run their actions through their Jesus filter and see if they are acting like Christ or a Pharisee.

My opinion
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