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Hi Lani,
I would say that being a consultant with any DS company is not for everyone. I certainly meet ladies at our "Parties with a Purpose" that want to find out more about joining but yes, the majority of guests become customers. And with that said, I so far have many more customers purchase again from me now than when I sold a consumable product many years ago. My personal sales will always be a big part of my business plan for myself. I can't control what my team sells but I can control my effort each moth. I can support, train, encourage and cheer them on.... but what they do is ultimately up to them.

Team building IS important to me not only as a way to build a more sustainable business for myself but because I want more and more women out there helping our amazing artisans out of extreme poverty & more! Trades of Hope encouraged us to partake in a "passion challenge" last month and in my video I shared that when I first started, I had told my husband that whether I helped 3 or 300 women, I wanted to be a part of helping these women. But that since becoming a part of TOH that I feel like a goal of helping even 3,000 women is too small a goal and that we need more women to come alongside our artisans and be their advocates. <3 To watch the success of job empowerment working is very motivating. One of our Haiti groups has gone from helping 4 women keep their children when the group was started to employing over 200 women now... we as compassionate Entrepreneurs are a big part of that and we can help it continue to increase and change the future for their children that now have the opportunity to now be educated, feed, stay with their parents and ultimately change their lives. We actually find we have to encourage many of our Compassionate Entrepreneurs that it's OK to earn an income while selling these women's items their hearts are so focused on our missional impact. We remind them that the more money they make, the more artisans they are helping build sustainable businesses. It's a true win-win situation.

I usually start out promoting our artisans, our mission and our beautiful Fair Trade items they make. I then share pretty evenly the 3 ways they can help - in order of their impact, the most lives touched/helped. Becoming a Compassionate Entrepreneur, hosting and making purchases both tonight and in the future. I consider it like a tri-pod. I need all three legs to be strong to have my business be the most it can be.
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