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Originally Posted by johnkeys View Post
I've tried many of the latest greatest methods over the years ....Some that focused on exercise ,some boosting your carb ratio,some boosting your protein, Etc., etc. these all had a little effect on my weight loss
But none of them gave me any way to sustain the lifestyle change that needs to go with it
In the end I have wound up with a routine in which I focus on 80% healthy foods (something that is personal to body types,you just have to research and test) and 20% exercise

I just try to work this percentage of balance into my very busy days and make sure I take 20 minutes a day to meditate (calm down). I use running,swimming and yoga for the exercise and minimum meat with lots of veggies and fruit

It's not complicated so it works for me
Good stuff here, Glad to see some fellow SF peeps as well
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