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Thanks everyone! That's helpful! For those
of you who do FB party, do you set it up as an event
or as a close group.
I saw that if you set it up as a group you can post
Pictures and it goes on their newsfeed.
But event I think just shows on notification.

I'm wondering if one is more effective than the other.
I'm thinking group but wondering if it might irritate
People that they are added on the group.

Also what about being your own host.

I'm doing my first party online so I'll be my own host this
Time. Do you guys share as I've seen others post about
Them helping out so the hostess can earn free products
How do you that if it's your own?

I joined Steeped Tea but haven't done anything with it
But now that I've drank pretty much all the teas I love.
I'm finding I need more teas, I would buy it even if I wasn't a
Consultant. One of it really helps me with my
Hypertension which I control naturally.
So now I'm compelled to just do it bec I just stopped watching
My granddaughter and am on a limited budget.
Time to earn some money with it and get the teas
For free.
I'm just wondering which approach do you guys find more
Effective when selling. I just set up my first online
Party the other day but just put a few people on it bec
I'm trying to determine best how to go about it.
Event, close group or contact people individually then
Send them the link and instruction. I'm closing Oct 15.
I use to sell a lot before different things but finding
Myself a bit timid approaching people this way.
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