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First, I think that someone has to be 100% committed in order for any program to work. They need to not only have a goal but a huge why they want to reach their goals. I want to lose 15 pounds is not enough. Why do you want to lose 15 pounds? To fit into skinny jeans for your high school reunion, to wear a bathing suit on that trip you have planned, to be able to be active with your kids? Everyone needs to have their own personal reason.
Second, I think they need to choose a plan that works for them. If someone hates preparing specific meals they are going to fail if they choose something where every meal has to be prepped. If they love their glass of wine, they are going to fail on a plan that allows no flexibility.
Third, they need to think of it has a long term lifestyle change. Don't go for the quick fix diets because if you don't change your habits, the weight is going to pile back on plus some when you are finished. And don't expect weight that took years to pile on to come off in a week and stay off.
Finally, I think accountability and motivation are HUGE. Find a friend, find a support system to do it with. And be sure to add some exercise as well, even if it is just walking to start.
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