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I do my business things and neglect everything else! I know that sounds crazy, but I am on a mission and accepting NO excuses from myself and if other Life things have to wait(be paid late, missed, etc) for right now, so be it!
Also, I do neglect the housework etc. because personally my business is more important, but this summer had kind of an ah-ha moment happen. I realized my kids had to take part more and that they could be willing helpers given the chance.

What I implemented is having a chore chart for the kids as well as myself and separating the house into zones(like I learned on Hannah Help Me!) So for example, son has kitchen on Wed. Living room on Thursday etc. Then my daughter and I have each room on a day. Everyone gets one day a week "off". It has worked wonders...things are staying a lot nicer and my daughter is young elementary aged and you wouldn't believe after a few weeks how she was learning and in there just tidying up the stove etc!
I think we need to make our kids more responsible and ask hubby's for help too! After all growing a business income IS in actuality something we are doing FOR them and their future anyway, right?

You can do it!
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