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Originally Posted by ProMomof3 View Post
I have a calendar on my wall that I block with time and what I'm going to do in that time. So say from 9am - 10am - Phone Calls. 10am - 11am - Filling etc. I will block times for house work too. If it's something small like laundry, I'll throw it in at the top of the hour and then at the top of the next hour, move it over. You could also set specific days to do things around the houses. Laundry on Monday, dusting on Tuesday, etc.
I work very similar. I found it to work well and almost necessary to have blocks of time (and days) set for certain tasks. The one thing I'm bad about doing is never "leaving work". I have to work on shutting things down for the day. If you did the same type of work outside of the home (whatever that work is) you would leave at the end of the business day with the work waiting for you until the next day.

That being said, the benefit of working from home is to I balance home life, the kids, husband, etc so if there's stuff to do during the day I might work some in the morning, shut it down and then go back in after dinner.

Time management and communication with your family is key to your success.
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