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Default Getting what needs to be done, done! How do you do it?

One of my biggest problems with working at home (I have done it before with a VA business which kept my semi busy, and I had a small Personal training business for a very short time....about a month before I started working at a gym) is doing everything that I want to do for my business. I am going to give this another try but I need to figure out a way to get my marketing/ad, research, etc. done before the hubby gets home.
My problem is my husband considers my little home businesses as hobbies. It really brings me down. He feels the same way about the job that I work outside of the house. So, when I'm at home, I have to focus on the house and that slows me down when it comes to work. How do you all get your housework, shopping, etc. down and still have time for your business? Any tips, ideas?
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