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Default Jobs where you can set your own hours?

How's it going guys? Do telecommuting jobs allow you to set your own hours? I have had my fair share of work from home jobs over the past few years, mainly general transcription jobs and found that the work was not lucrative enough for me. I currently work a regular full-time job but am looking to work another full-time job. The only thing is I need a job that will allow me to come and go as I please. Even if I have set hours, I need to ability to call in and take off whenever I need to. So basically let's say I am expected to work 9-5 at the job; that's fine but I want it to be on a day by day basis so I want to be able to call in to work when I am ready and take off when I need to. Is this even possible or realistic? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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