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Originally Posted by savannie View Post
I kind of have a system in my head for how much work I will fix. I kind of wish Scripted would give us more guidelines for this, but they don't, so I just made up my own.

If it's easy stuff to fix, like links or tags or grammar or spelling, then I fix it. If it's big stuff like a lot of second person (more than twenty minutes worth of correction work) or just terrible writing, then I flag it. I really don't want to spend more than 20 minutes editing an article, since I can write one in an hour. It's just not worth the money.

I don't think many editors are willing to do that much work, though. I've had stuff come back that literally had a line that needed to be cut out--and that's it. They took the time to highlight the line and make a note telling me to remove it, but they didn't just remove it themselves. It's pretty odd.
I've had the same experience lol. I've had to roll my eyes at some simple edit requests, because it was something that the editor could have easily fixed. And I agree with you on what to flag. I have had to flag articles for really bad writing or missing sections. But generally, I fix the links, tags, and point of view since it doesn't take me long.
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