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Originally Posted by lani7 View Post
Thanks Leanne. I'm curious how you think 31 organizational items
Compare with Clever Container. I'm starting to check
Them out. I really love the purse skirts. I love how
You can just change the skirts without removing items
In your bags just like Miche. But I don't really like the miche. At least
The ones I've seen.
I agree. I love our skirt purse. I am not usually one that changes for each outfit. I change for the season but I like having the same purse everyday and not having to buy a new one. I like being able to personalize it. I really like the new one strap design that we changed to about a year ago.

As far as Clever Container, I really hadn't looked at them lately. Most of their stuff in the past were like chrome and plastic things that I could find elsewhere. So I just took a look again at them and they have some cute stuff as well. Some of their items are similar to our organizing items and some aren't. I am not a huge fan of some of their patterns but those change with the catalog I am sure.

I can only speak for our organizing items. One thing I am proud of is the quality of what we sell. None of our organizing items contain any cardboard so they will retain their shape. They can get wet (though I wouldn't use them in a pool!) and they have a bit of elasticity to them so they can take a bit of a beating or repeated use.

I like that we offer a variety of Organizing, Utility, and accessories. We appeal to the interests of many different types of women.

Glad to know another skirt purse fan!!

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