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Originally Posted by LilBlackDress View Post
Wait a couple of days and do a search to see if they used them.
This is good advice. If you have not been paid for articles, then you still own the rights to them. You are entitled to post them on your own site or on an article directory such as Hubpages, or resell them to another client (for example by listing them on Constant Content for sale). If the company refuses payment, let them know that you'll be posting the articles yourself - once you do this, they lose value to the client as they are no longer unique content. You can also contact the end client to let them know that you haven't been paid for the content, so they are breaking your copyright. Writing sites aren't too keen on writers trashing their reputation with their customers, so if you let them know that you'll be going down this course of action, you might find they budge on deciding not to pay you.
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