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Here's a review: it's awful. Their pay rates are very low (less than $0.02/word), and every article comes back for edits 3-4 times because the editors keep changing their minds about what they want. You have to figure out ways to include completely irrelevant links in every article, and if the editors don't think you've hidden them well enough, they'll send the article back for edits with no suggestion of how you could more appropriately include the links - you just have to keep trying until you hit upon something they like. They also say in their T&Cs that they fine writers 4000 (around $6500) for using an image that turns out to be covered by copyright (each article requires an image to accompany it).

I've asked to terminate my account as they have a minimum 2 articles per week requirement - I'll update later with details of whether or not they actually pay me for the work I've done and had approved!

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