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Originally Posted by maxitoutwriter View Post
Us writers need to stick together.

I see a lot of recommendations, but what about the "not-so-good" websites? I'm looking for work, but I want to avoid companies that aren't worth my time. So, where have you had blatantly bad experiences?

The only site that I ever got ripped off at intentionally was London Brokers when I first started. Took me for $30 and banned me for a hyphen error. It was like- this. On the brightside, I did learn the proper way to use hyphens after that. I've worked at very few sites, most were reputable, so I haven't been ripped off much yet.

Lets call out these shady companies, so they don't harm writers.

But don't just say you got ripped off. What'd they do?
I started a thread sometime back about suing content sites. The freelance writing industry is totally unregulated and content sites can pretty much do as they please as you can tell by the stories in this thread.
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