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I just started volunteering for a wonderful organization called Cheerful Givers. They put together bday bags for children in need, give the bags to shelters who give the bags to the parents who can not afford bday gifts for their children. In order to create bags, we need donations of new toys (small items like puzzles, cards, colors, pencils, etc).
Please, please, please like my page. The goal is to get as many likes as I can so that I can use the FB page as a way to get local businesses to donate small gifts and to ask them if I can place a donation box at their business and in exchang I'll mention them (with a link) in a few posts. I can not do that if I don't have likes. The more likes, the better!

I will like your page AND comment on your posts! So not only do you get a like, but you'll get some activity!
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