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Question Does anyone else work for American Express (Home Based Customer Care Professional)

Hiya! Just got hired on as a Home Based CCP for Amex. Yay!!
LOVED the interview process (so much more professional and enjoyable than wah, aa, etc)...and now I'm wondering how training will be. I wasn't worried until I got the offer *lol* ...but now I'm kinda jumpy (and will probably remain so until training starts in January). They were very clear that if you do not meet their call takinh metrix 100% by week 12, that we would be immediately terminated- so I really want to give my all to meet expectations!
I would really, truly, genuinely LOVE any and all feedback/tricks of the trade on how to master their call taking systems so I have a leg up! I'd like to just get a feel for the job and culture too.
I'm overjoyed about landing this one and even more excited to leave my current wah tele job.
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