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Hi Bradley,

Thanks for all your feedback.

In order to post in the Promote Your Business forum, you must be a WAHM Regular. In order to get to the WAHM Regular group, you must have 15 posts and be registered for 10 days.

As starbirdy has pointed out, the user titles is a separate system from the user groups. A user group controls the permissions you have on the forums, such as the number of PMs you can store, your attachment settings, the places you can post, and the signature file size you can have. The user titles are strictly based on your post count and only reflect underneath your name. If you note, once you are promoted far enough in the user groups, you can customize your user title.

However, you make an excellent observation that the user group setting is different than the user title setting for number of posts to be updated. The numbers currently in the user titles is 30, which is a default number I believe. I will see if I can edit the user title settings to align with the user group settings, which should put both the user group giving a promotion at 10 days and 15 posts, and the user title being issued when a user reaches 15 posts.

I hope this clarifies things for you!

~ Brandi
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