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Default WAHM Forum Update

Hello everyone!

We are in the process of making some enhancements to the WAHM Forum and we’d like to get your feedback on our plans before launching. Please share your feedback (positive and negative) by posting comments below!

We’ve already done a little housekeeping with user groups and user titles, which you might have noticed. A full description of the new user titles is further down this post. As you will see, we have enhanced user profiles and permissions to make your free membership an even better way to promote your business and get visibility in the forum.

The main thing we are adding is an optional paid membership level called WAHM Professional that provides subscribers with an enhanced experience to further promote and grow their businesses via the WAHM forum. WAHM will always remain FREE for anyone to use; the paid tier is an option that is being created in response to numerous requests from the community. More details below:

Per the image above, the WAHM Business Directory is getting replaced with a new layout and is limited to WAHM Professional subscribers.

Plus we created a few new User Titles based on your post count to recognize our most active users for their contributions to the community. User titles based on post count - promotion threshold:

- Registered WAHM – 0 posts
- WAHM Regular* – 15 posts
- Super WAHM* – 200 posts
- Awesome WAHM – 500 posts
- WAHM Fanatic – 1,000 posts
- WAHM Addict* – 2,000 posts
- WAHM Master – 5,000 posts
- Grand WAHM – 10,000 posts
- WAHM Poobah – 20,000 posts

*This user level/title gets additional feature enhancements to their membership. See table above for more details.

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