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Originally Posted by brondie View Post
Hello everyone! I have been starting to get my feet wet with the affiliate marketing thing. I have a couple of questions:

re clickbank: can I use the name of the product in my domain name or is that a copywrite issue?
Copyright issue. Do not do that.

Originally Posted by brondie View Post
If I find a physical product I want to promote (it's a meal replacement shake) should I make a review site for that product, or make a review/comparison site for it and a couple of other shakes, or should I make a blog about wellness or diets or gluten-free or something like that and then just put an ad for it on my site? I feel like a review site would get a lot more conversion as opposed to a blog because people who look at a review site are actually looking to buy, and ppl who read blogs are just wanting info. Am I right? What is my best bet just starting out?

I would appreciate any input or comments...
Both, actually.

In the past, you could get away with one long page or 2-3 pages for the entire review site of just a couple products.

Let's say you have 2 products that are similar.
You could create pages for:
Product 1
Product 2
A review, comparing products 1 & 2.

So that's at least 3 pages, which will cover people searching for info on the specific products, as well has reviews/comparisons of them.

Further pages you could write:
A page explaining what to look for or avoid, for the overall product type.
Step by step usage of a product
How to care for the product
Even pages in which you comment about the latest studies or product releases.

As you add more products, continue the process, so you end up with quite a list of products and total pages.

*Every thing that you can possibly rewrite, should be rewritten. It is growing increasingly important, since the latest Google updates. Rewrite descriptions, other reviews you're referencing, product titles, etc. It must be original. Show that you've actually reviewed the product, if possible, such as the taste of the shake. Also, you talking about it with a picture (even better a picture of you holding the products), rather than simply having an ad on your site. Now, you could include picture links to your reviews of the products, maybe as a sidebar.

***Be very careful about your reviews and testimonials, since Google, as well the government, is coming down on "fake reviews". This is one of the reasons why Google is going to include people's face/name showing their Google+ rating of it.

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