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Originally Posted by carlamae View Post
You are on the right track! Review sites are just the best way to get traffic to your offers. [snip]
"just the best way"?? I agree (maybe <grin>), but only partly, and only in some very specific cases. Problem is you have to do some really good keyword research and competition analysis then you have to do all that slooowwww SEO rubbish (in an ever changing search engine environment) to get decent numbers of people to your review site. Remember that, for most offers, review sites are a dime a dozen.

Don't believe me?

Type 'your offer review' into Google and prepare to be amazed , or frustrated

So, really, review sites are only one of many ways to get people to view your offers.

Whatever you decide make sure you are using an autoresponder to capture your visitors details and to followup with them!
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