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It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish - using the name within your domain may or may not be creating copyright issues depending on the name & the 'common use' of the term (or name) ...

But more importantly - you are 'betting the farm' on one product following this path. Often we really don't know the results until we promote and test our marketing efforts. I've been in marketing since the late 80s and I am still surprised at times as to what advertising methods & products actually sell the best. And this can vary widely product to product and year to year..... consumers are as finicky online as offline.

Over the years, I've used websites, blogs, and pretty much all of the advertising vehicles that are out there. Because I love flexibility - I don't tie myself to one site or product. And I have found more $$ success in promoting single products without websites or blog costs - hands down.

But I still do create various blogs for the purpose of affiliate marketing for clients and am playing with the idea of starting a new website for myself which would be based around a TOPIC - so I can change products/ services/ programs as I deem fit. The reason really isn't because I'll make more money - but more because I enjoy the creating aspect. That's why it's important to pick topics you really are passionate about because it does take a lot of work to build traffic- - so maybe I'll wait till after Christmas for the blog/site & promote various links other ways before the holidays to pad my bank acct..... choices, choices, choices..... I think of Affiliate Marketing as a Game.....

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