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Good questions.

For the first question, I want to ask you - have you consulted odigger to see if clickbank is giving the best commissions in the first place?

Also - you don't want to use the name of the product in the domain name because that does give run into copywriting issues.

Additionally, you'll want to cloak any affiliate links you have.

In addition, before you do ANY affiliate marketing, you need to make sure you have found a keyword that is in the niche that follows 3 specific metrics to even know if it is a market you should promote.

It needs to be in demand - in the microniche level (not too much demand, otherwise you'll have too much competition). Competition, actually is the second metric - you need to make sure people are able to find you.

The 3rd metric is commercial intention as you need to make sure people are BUYING that keyword and not just 'learning'. (Yes, they can learn when they type it in, but they cannot exclusively just learn something simple like: getting rid of hiccups)

Once you've established a keyword, then you need to make sure you do have a platform - a blog is fine, but not blogger. I recommend as you can have your pillar posts, and then your link pyramid linking to your category pages.

When you have your main niche keyword and your product, it's not just 'one review' on 'one product'. You're doing a niche, giving a lot of authority, because Google doesn't want just a cookie-cutter site.

When you've established that you have all original, well-written content in this structure, you can have a lot of traffic and conversions.

Then you can do it over and over again.

Personally, though, I prefer going the other way in Affiliate marketing- WRITING the clickbank books and having others sell them.

But, if you're going to promote a clickbank product - that is how you sell it on a site in a pretty effective way.
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