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Smile Can any affiliate marketing veterans answer a couple of questions for me? :)

Hello everyone! I have been starting to get my feet wet with the affiliate marketing thing. I have a couple of questions:

re clickbank: can I use the name of the product in my domain name or is that a copywrite issue?

If I find a physical product I want to promote (it's a meal replacement shake) should I make a review site for that product, or make a review/comparison site for it and a couple of other shakes, or should I make a blog about wellness or diets or gluten-free or something like that and then just put an ad for it on my site? I feel like a review site would get a lot more conversion as opposed to a blog because people who look at a review site are actually looking to buy, and ppl who read blogs are just wanting info. Am I right? What is my best bet just starting out?

I would appreciate any input or comments...
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