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Default Not a distributor but have questions

I found someone located in the same town I am in that is an IT Works distributor and she said she is making over 10K/mo. I so want to do the business and get to that level. But am pretty discouraged at this point. I haven't signed up yet because I wanted to make sure the wraps work. I can't promote something that doesn't work. Well, I am going on my 3rd wrap (I wrapped myself the first time and the last 2x this lady has) and so far I am not really seeing any results at all. I took my measurements when I first started and hate to say it but after this third wrap I'm still not seeing any inch loss. Is there anyone that has tried the wraps that have had no inch loss whatsoever. I am drinking water like crazy and eating healthier. I will admit I am not exercising as I just don't have the time or energy when I get off of work in the evenings as when I get home from work I have 2-3 more hours of work to do at home to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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