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Originally Posted by olyvya View Post
Anyone else end up getting disappointed by friends and family who seem interested and supportive, at first, but once you really start trying to get your name out there, they disappear and ignore you?

All I'm asking my FB friends to do is share a page... they do it every day for every other business, but it's impossible to get more than 3 friends to even participate... My own mother refuses to even mention my business.

I find it mildly irritating that friends who were ecstatic upon my choice to sell chocolate are now not interested in hosting, even with additional hostess specials offered... Everyone seemed excited when I announced my open house, which I scheduled as an all day event and made it clear that it was just a "stop in and try a sample" and not one soul came by.

So I guess my question here is, after all my whining lol, have any of you had to deal with similar situations when starting your business and how did you overcome the initial hesitations? How did you get over that first hump and get that first party and those first sales? I'm trying to build myself up, my husband has been so supportive, but I would like my friends to be supportive as well, just as I have been for their ventures. Am I wrong to be hurt that my "friends" are being this way?
Hey, don't take it personally. I have no family in my city, they are all out of town. When promoting my business, I will start with friends, but quickly move to referrals and stangers that I meet at parties, networking events and vendor events (craft shows). I also have not had much response on FB, which is fine. It just means that I have to work a little harder.

I usually don't do "open house". It just gives folks an opportunity to never committ to attending. I would instead have a launch party with a start time, and follow up with them a few days before to make sure they attend. I know some ladies that offer an "on time" small gift to get them there on time. I have done well using this method. You will usually have some sales, and an opportunity to book other shows.

Jot down 40-60 names and use this list as invites for your launch party. From this list, take your top 5 people that you truly believe that will help you kick off your business, and call them or meet with them in person, and ask them to hold a party to help you kick off your business. Let them know what's in it for them (hostess rewards)

You truly have to move beyond your friends and family in order to be successful. Just think if Sam Walton had built Walmart as a store that only his family could shop in. He would have been out of business in a nano second. It is hard at times kicking off a new business, but never quit, and you will be successful.

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