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Originally Posted by asuied View Post
Hello All!

Just wanted to post that the majority, if not all of the Non Pay issues are in the past and have been resolved. If you were overlooked. First let me say sorry and please email me and I will look to get your issue resolved. Currently ANP has an "A" rating on the BBB and is in the process of being an accredited business with them.
Please, please, please don't believe this. Don't go through what I went through in the struggle to get paid with ultimately Albert using quote/unquote my "unprofessionalism" as an excuse for not paying me timely the money I was owed. From what I understand, ANP's excuses were many and varied, but the outcome was the same. The audio they provided was really bad, their team leaders were harsh and difficult to work with, and then to add insult to injury, they weren't able to pay you for the work you did.

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