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Default Starting cost

Hi. Starting cost is very low around $60 for your international business kit and you are not required to buy anything other than this. You would want to start on the products right away because it is difficult to sell if you do not know anything about the product or if you have not tried it yourself. You do not need to keep an inventory. You can if you want to, but most reps do not have an inventory from what I understand. When a customer orders you can have it shipped directly to them, shipped to you (then you take it to them) or depending on which city you live in the products can be picked up from a warehouse the same day. They are not located in every city, but are in quite a few. If you would like to know if a warehouse is near you I could look it up for you. I am an Herbalife independent distributor so let me know if you have any questions about it. Message me or ask any questions you have here. Thanks!
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